What It’s All About

#cefjacksontn – Yesterday, we closed out the very last Good News Club® for “this” school year. It was a rainy afternoon and the children were a bit more energetic than usual, but the lesson went well as Mrs. Cindy reviewed the way God rescued the children of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh. She did an awesome job leading the children to a place of decision. Yet, did they understand that God wants to rescue them through the blood of Jesus? Could they grasp the realities of Jesus being a type of the Passover Lamb of God? Were they ready?

As the leader of this ministry, I have those thoughts – that is simply being honest. Are the children “getting it?” We have a solemn responsibility to do our best to make sure the children understand the Plan of Salvation in terms that make sense to them. On this particular afternoon, several children responded and wanted to be prayed with, had various questions, and shared concerns about family members who had recently passed away. We prayed with some, counseled with some, and tried to comfort their tender hearts with God’s love and grace. I am thankful that we have volunteer teachers who are also tender-hearted and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It gives me confidence in fulfilling that aforementioned responsibility.

On this last club day, I had the opportunity to pray with several children. One was a young boy who asked Jesus to forgive him and take away the dark heart of sin to be replaced with a clean heart full of love and grace in Jesus. I cannot mention his name here as I do not have permission to do so, but when I confirmed his decision and asked him what he prayed for, he said that “I want to be a Christian.” I looked him in the eye and asked him: “When you prayed with the teacher a moment ago, did you really really mean it? Did you ask Jesus to forgive you come in and take away the dark heart of sin?” To this the young fellow said “yes!” I smiled and told him that God cannot lie and that if he really asked Him to do it, He saved him right that moment and took away his sins.” he looked back at me and said “I’m a Christian!”

That’s what it’s all about.

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