Chapter Oversight

We are so blessed to have a wonderful local committee. They are pillars of the community who share our vision for reaching the children of Greater Jackson. They come from different “walks-of-life” and serve faithfully. All of them live in the Greater Jackson service area.

Current Members

  • Mr. Brent Varner – Chairman
  • Mrs. Dinah Hufstedler – Secretary
  • Mrs. Veronica Jones – Treasurer
  • Mrs. Bev Vos – Committee Member
  • Mr. Steve Vos – Committee Member
  • Pastor Richard Bragg – Committee Member
  • Pastor Bruce Entsminger – Committee Member
  • Mr. Jacob Mabile – Committee Member
  • Mrs. Phara Williams – Committee Member

Committee Engagement

So, what does a local committee person do? They provide oversight for the chapter and staff, working with them to advance the ministry in the service area, ultimately reaching more children with the Gospel. Some use their influence in the community to open doors of opportunity. Some are more hands-on, assisting in clubs as needed. Others advance specific goals, like expanding our prayer-base or helping ensure our donor-base stays informed.

You see, working within a chapter really is a team effort. The paid staff and local committee work together to help advance the overarching goal of sharing the Good News with young children all over central West Tennessee.

It is important to note that we often have people who share their influence in an important, yet unofficial way. These dear brothers and sisters serve as Child Evangelism Fellowship® ambassadors but do not vote at official meetings. We value these people greatly and lean on their expertise and advice, especially when it involves an area where they have particular knowledge and experience. Maybe you can help us in this way?