Leading children to Jesus

Christian Youth in Action® is exactly what it sounds like – Christian youth actively involved in making a difference in the lives of America’s 50 million unchurched children! CYIA™ is a program designed to train you, and a team of other young people, in effective and engaging ways to teach children about God. Every year, two-thirds of all children under the age of 14 never attend church or Sunday School. You can make a difference in the lives of these children by serving as a CYIA summer missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship® to lead and teach 5-Day Clubs.

What are 5-Day Clubs?

For 5 consecutive days, 60-90 minutes daily, children gather in various places around the community to hear dynamic Bible lessons, sing songs, learn Bible verses, listen to missionary stories, and hear the Gospel clearly presented. Clubs can be held in churches, parks, community centers, or other safe locations.

How does it work?

Sharing scripture in Chester Co.

If you are making a full commitment, your summer ministry begins with a week of training at CYIA summer camp somewhere in the state of Tennessee. The location can change from year to year. The specifics of the current year will appear in the sidebar on this page. Young people, ages 13 through early college, attend this training and learn how to share the gospel using the Wordless Book. Summer missionaries are also trained to teach Bible lessons, memory verses, missionary stories, songs, and games. Students learn to work together in teams. It really is meaningful – and a lot of fun too!

After returning home, you will put this training to good use. You will work with your team to lead 5-Day Clubs for a few weeks in your local area. Typically, clubs take place for 4 – 5 weeks after returning from training. The exact number of weeks that you serve and the number of clubs per week will vary based on how your team comes together, your availability, and the availability of ministry locations where you live.


Hey parents and students… we have a few spots open for those who did not make it to training camp but would like to assist a team and get their feet wet, so to speak, with our summer ministry program. So, if your student is in that situation, reach out to us, and we’ll talk about it. Call our office with any questions or concerns… call 731-736-2786, ask for Patti or Randy.

Who can be a Summer Missionary?

If you are a Christian, have a heart for ministry, and want to team up with other young people to reach the children in your community for Jesus, then CYIA is for YOU!

Here are the basic requirements, but please check with us with any questions:

  • be age 13 through early college age
  • be a Christian (saved)
  • have a desire to work with children
  • raise financial support to cover training camp and materials (We will help you with this process!)
  • complete the CYIA application
  • be approved by your local CEF office
  • complete local and state CYIA training

Why make this commitment?

The children you minister to aren’t the only ones impacted. Your life will be changed too! You will:

  • have opportunities to make an eternal impact on the lives of children in your community
  • make new friends from all over the state of Tennessee who love to serve the Lord
  • learn to teach God’s Word and share the Gospel
  • grow your self-confidence, gain teamwork, and communication skills
  • gain valuable service experience to use in your own church, school, or future job

Last Year’s Camp Memories – Video