2024 General Fund Donations

This form receives general donations which will be used to support our overall effort to spread the Gospel to the children of central West Tennessee. This is the foundation that helps the ministry stay healthy and grow in central West Tennessee – or not. Like any nonprofit ministry endeavor, we have financial needs for salaries, facility expenses, insurance, travel expense, training, and other things that help a CEF chapter grow.

We promise to use your gifts wisely. Our chapter has a dedicated local committee that acts as an oversight board. Our finances are reviewed monthly and all significant spending is discussed and voted on. Your donations allow hundreds of children to hear the Gospel message each year. Many of those children make professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Others have the seed of the Good News planted in their hearts through various CEF ministries. God bless you and thank you for giving.

Child Evangelism Fellowship® of TN, Greater Jackson Chapter will make every effort to honor the contribution designation of the donor, yet contributions must be under the direction and control of CEF®. CEF has the discretion to determine how to best use contributions to carry out its functions and purposes. Such control of the funds by CEF is required to ensure the donor’s contributions satisfy requirements for tax-deductibility.