Loving the Little Ones

#cefjacksontn – This week we finish up the last two GNC’s for the current school year. One of those is actually held at an area pre-school facility. Pictured is Mrs. Diana Manning (center) who has been a faithful volunteer, teacher, and committee member with our local Chapter for many years. She would probably not seek this recognition, but I want to publicly acknowledge her love and service to our Chapter and the children of Greater Jackson.

On the morning that I took this picture, she was gently and thoughtfully sharing the grace and love of Jesus with the little children who were in the room. She truly has a gift to relate to the little ones. Diana will soon be moving away from Jackson to be with family in another state. This is a joyous and sad time for us, but we bid her peace and God’s speed as she and her husband move on to the next chapter in their lives. We are grateful for you both and we pray that the coming years in your world will be filled with laughter and blessings from on high.

Thank you for your service! We love you!

* By the way, the young helpers with Diana in this photo appear with permission. They too are a great blessing to our Chapter!

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