Director Life – Maundy Thursday

#cefjacksontn – Occasionally, I will post an article about what a “day in the life” of a CEF® local director is like. I do this, not to be self-serving, but to give you – our valued readers and donors – an idea of what a director is engaged in. Also, this may be of interest to people considering the idea of becoming a director. It is a wonderful and sometimes challenging ministry vocation. That’s for sure.

So, why the interesting title twist? Well… I took these photos during the Thursday of Holy Week which commemorates the washing of the Disciples’ feet (Maundy) by Jesus and Last Supper. You will see this in the background of some of the pics below, taken at a community service. One of the important roles that a CEF director plays is networking within the Christian community. I sincerely enjoy this part of my job and have some wonderful ministry friends and partners from different faith traditions. I’ll post a photo gallery below and in the following list, I’ll provide some context to what you see.

  • At the start of my day, I joined a weekly men’s Bible study group which is led by Gary Taylor, a local real estate developer and powerful man of God. I have been a part of this early morning multi-denominational, multi-racial, multi-generational group for nearly ten years at this point. Through this group, CEF has acquired ministry partners, volunteers, and much needed prayer.
  • After this meeting, I traveled on to a prayer circle gathering out on the old Bells Hwy. area where Norwood Jones erected a cross many years ago. He did this as a remembrance of his wife, and it has become a key area for citizens to sit and pray for needs and contemplate the Cross. On this specific day, I met a new pastor from the South Jackson area, and we agreed to meet later to discuss ministry partnership possibilities. On top of that nice encounter, we all had a meaningful prayer time together.
  • Next, I went to a community Holy Week service at Northside Assembly of God. These services are organized by JAMA and are scattered through the community at different host churches. On this occasion, our dear ministry friend, Dr. Logan Hampton was the guest speaker. He did a wonderful job discussing the meaning and events of “Maundy Thursday” and how the concept had impacted his life. The pastor of Northside Assembly, Dr. J.P. Vick was a gracious host and I had a nice conversation with him about a potential CEF connection this summer.
  • The last three photos are from a Good News Club® that I went to later that afternoon. It was held at one of our partner locations with Boys & Girls Clubs. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity to share Good News with their students. On this visit, I was blessed to see how the team is implementing new Bibles that some of you helped purchase. The GNC team had a strong desire to use Bibles with the children as a help during the memory verse section of the club. I was encouraged at how the children were following along, reading the verses from these Adventure Bibles. Those of you who donated to this effort, “Thank you!” We will use the Bibles in our remaining Good News Club sessions and allow the children to take the Bibles home on our last day with them, this school year. How beautiful it is to see God’s Word in the hands of these children!

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