UU – Campus and Community ’21

#cefjacksontn – It is a blessing to have an ongoing relationship with Union University! This year we had another great group of students serve us during their “2021 Campus and Community Day” activities. Union does this as a way to give back because of the way the community has supported them over the years… especially in the aftermath of the horrible damage that a tornado inflicted on their campus several years ago. 

This group of students cleaned our fence, helped clean the outside windows and door hardware, and reorganized our stockroom – which was in a state of disarray. They all worked together without hesitation and got a LOT of work done in just a few hours. We enjoyed providing lunch for them and sharing a bit about the mission of CEF. To the UU team, you are awesome! To our local ministry committee member, Steve Cooke… you are a blessing. Steve always helps out when we host a UU team and enjoys interacting with them. To our office admin, Denise Jackson, thank you for working with the students inside to get the stockroom reorganized.

Here are a few photos of the team. The older looking student is Mr. Steve 🙂  

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