St. Paul CME – Back to School Bash

#cefjacksontn – Yesterday, we were blessed to participate in a community event that was hosted by St. Paul CME Church in Jackson. Elder Dr. Claude Bass and their Good News Club® team leader, Mrs. Sherre McClain, invited us to attend. We all gathered behind the church in a nice shady location to give the children (and adults) some cover from the heat of the day. Below, you will see a few photos that I took. 

We were able to gather enough school supplies and various CEF ministry materials to give away 40 nice gift packs to the children. We even included a good Christian movie and a devotional book. The church also provided some school supplies, food, fun, jumpers, and music! This was indeed a community event as the local Jackson Fire Dept. came and talked to the children and gave away some goodies. There was another Jackson City group there giving away small backpacks and engaging the children with a craft or two. 

One thing that I’d like to bring attention to is all of the bright blue shirts that you see in the various photos. Many of them have a Good News Club logo displayed. Together, we are developing a club that will be meeting on the church campus in the near future. St. Paul and their GNC team has a heart to reach the children in their community and we are thankful for them. We look forward to sharing more stories soon about how they are reaching the children of Jackson for the cause of Christ. Stay tuned folks…

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