Leap of faith.

Childlike Faith

We can learn a lot from children. Consider this… 

As adults, we often become so entangled by the world that we lose touch with simple, childlike faith. This applies to people within and without the church. As we get older, we begin leaning more upon our own understanding and less upon the wisdom offered by the One who created us in the first place. Proverbs 3:5 warns us to be careful about this. However – to be fair – traditional secular culture conditions us to be self-sustaining, self-reliant, and self-motivated. After all, as we mature, aren’t we supposed to put away childish things?

One thing that we should cling to, actually hold onto with all our might, is the childlike faith that we place in Jesus. This element of belief should never wane under the pressures imposed by adulthood. Remember what Jesus told His followers in Matthew 18:1-4? They were acting very much like adults and debating about who was most important in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus used a little boy to remind them that their trust in eternity had to be exercised with simple childlike faith. Actually, Jesus was blunt with them and said that they would never see heaven at all unless they were converted and became as little children.

I contend this truth is just as valid today as it was on the day that Jesus taught it to that group of disciples. So, each day wake up to a fresh new world with Jesus. Keep that gleam of expectation in your eye. Place all your trust and faith in Him. Don’t let the pressure filled expectations of the modern world rob you of the childlike faith that will lead you home. Amen.

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