Josie Carrier

Welcome to Josie Carrier!

We are thrilled to have a fine young intern with us for the summer. Josie Carrier will be leading the teaching of the 5-Day Clubs® during our summer ministry efforts. Josie is a student at Union University and has 6 years experience with CEF and our CYIA summer missionary program. She will be teaching in ten 5-Day Clubs over the next few weeks. Today she and I started with 2 clubs with about 50 children and praise the Lord, one young boy accepted Christ as his Savior! Many other children wanted prayer for various reasons. A few others are seeking answers about having a relationship with Jesus and prayerfully, they will make the same positive eternal decision this week. Pray for us and other volunteers who will assist over the next five weeks as we share the Good News of Jesus with many many area children… amen.

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