Reach The Children Benefit Banquet

Last evening… myself, along with Lou and Diana Manning, took a trip to Nashville to take part in the 1st Annual “Reach The Children Benefit Banquet.” This fund-raising event was developed and presented by our state office personnel to help bring awareness to our ministry and cast a vision of growth in Tennessee. Tony and Tracey James lead our state ministry team and are passionate about CEF. This was a wonderful evening to share with the other participants and featured guest speakers, a silent auction, nice meal, and worshipful music. For me personally, I really enjoyed hearing from our new Vice President (USA Ministries), Ron Tant. Another speaker who touched my heart was a retired Nashville area school principal. She was so fired up about CEF and the impact that our ministry has on children in the Nashville area. This was truly a great event and I know that the attendees came away with a fresh (and maybe new) look at CEF of Tennessee.

Here are a few photos taken during the evening.

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