A Good Sign

#cefjacksontn – This past week, we received a major blessing through a local business. We were wanting to put up an outside sign to help people locate our new office location, but to be honest, we didn’t really have the funds available to hire it done professionally. We considered doing much of the project ourselves and we did get the sign face taken down and cleaned up. Then, we decided to ask another local company to consider providing the vinyl application at a discount. Thankfully this company, Den-Ray Sign Company was willing to work with us. Not only did they give us a great price, they helped with the installation / application of the vinyl too! We want to publicly thank the good folks at Den-Ray Sign Company for their generosity and professionalism. God bless you! You can visit their website here to learn about the services they offer.

As a little side note, when I met the installers that morning, one of the men who worked on the sign walked into our front office and said “man, this sure brings back memories!” I asked “how?” He proceeded to encourage me by telling me that when he was a child, he had attended a Good News Club® up North and the things he learned there had always stuck with him over the years. He told me to keep teaching the kids about the Bible. To that I say… “amen.”

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