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Blessings in Henry County

#cefjacksontn – Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with our new Henry County GNC and it was a BIG blessing! This was their last session for this school year and they had a few special things going on.The afternoon started with a pizza party and ended with each child being presented with a nice new Bible to take home. The team told me that one of their Sunday school classes donated the funds necessary to do this. It is a special thing to see God’s children pull together to bless the children that we minister too. The children also got a goodie bag with treats and most of all… they heard the Gospel while they were in the Club.

This wonderful team ministered to about 20 to 25 children each week of the school year and on this last afternoon, one young boy gave his heart to Jesus! I was blessed to be there and pray with the group and give thanks for their hard work and dedication. Another exciting thing to note is this… on my way into the school, I happened to meet the principal and he was very complimentary of the Club team and even mentioned that he would welcome them back again next year. He told me that having the Good News Club at his school was a good thing. As the Ministry Coordinator for our Chapter, this is always what I want to hear. God is blessing us as we seek to grow the ministry footprint of CEF throughout West Tennessee.

We give thanks for this team and for the power of the Gospel to change young lives. Here are a few photos that I took that afternoon.

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