TCE, IOT, Oh My!

#cefjacksontn – We are nearing the last stage of an interesting training event. Mrs. Cindy Bush and myself are teaching in a TCE-1 course in Memphis, TN to secure our IOT teacher certificates. What in the world do all these acronyms stand for, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you.

TCE-1 stands for “Teaching Children Effectively – Level 1.” This is a powerful college level training (course) designed to instruct people in evangelistic teaching methods, as applied to young children. The course teaches things like a thorough Bible lesson preparation method, the IPEAR method of teaching memory verses, how to use the Wordless Book, and other core concepts. CEF is the author and developer of this course and maintains its integrity and usability. It really is an excellent program! Often, students use what they have learned to teach in their churches and in Good News Clubs within their communities.

IOT-1 stands for “Instructors of Teachers – Level 1.” This is a CEF course designed to help people properly instruct those taking the TCE-1 course. So, it is like teachers training teachers, so to speak. CEF places a high priority on maintaining the integrity of their offered courses, thus IOT candidates must have their teaching methods evaluated before they are set free to develop their own training schedules in the future. 

Our Chapter has a goal of being able to offer our own training courses in West Tennessee. When Mrs. Bush and I obtain our teaching certificates, we will be able to do just that. We will also have the ability to develop various seminar type courses (one-day events mostly) to offer to area churches. These “Super Seminar” courses are also focused on children’s ministry training concepts. Having the ability to offer these will be beneficial to our Chapter and the churches of our area. 

I will mention here that we are truly thankful to have our dear friend Emily Ann Metcalf joining us for these training sessions. She is taking the course as a student to advance her teaching skills. We are also grateful for our friends at the CEF Memphis Metro office for organizing the TCE-1 course that we are participating in. It is always good to get to know colleagues from different areas. They are gracious hosts.

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