Dr. Jerry Drace Inducted into the Hall of Faith

Our very own Dr. Jerry Drace received the high honor of induction into the Hall of Faith. Dr. Drace has been a full-time evangelist since 1975 (49 years) sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. Including over one thousand revivals and crusades, and 16 international missions including Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Scottland, and Wales. His evangelizing has helped thousands of individuals make life-changing decisions for Jesus. He and his wife Becky also co-founded Hope for Home a ministry focused on strengthening families by leading weekend-long conferences internationally.

In February of 2024, Dr. Drace became an invaluable staff member here at Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Greater Jackson. Through his work with CEF®, he has continued his passion for winning people to Jesus. It is of the utmost importance that children hear the message of the Gospel and the saving power of Jesus Christ. They are the next generation of believers who will continue to carry the message to those who come behind them. Dr. Drace is an example to us all of sharing the love of Christ and the Gospel with everyone we meet. We pray that the Lord will bless him as he continues his lifelong mission of sharing the Good News.

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