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Two Days at UU

#cefjacksontn – Recently, last week actually, I was blessed to be on campus at Union University two days in a row. We have worked at building relationships there for some time now. I am a Union grad myself and I have friends on campus that are students, professors, and administrators. 

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a special luncheon presented by the McAfee School of Business. This was the “Faith in the Marketplace” luncheon. The main speaker was Trudy Cathy White. She did an awesome job of speaking to the legacy of the Cathy family and how her mother was such a driving force in their success and stability. Dr. Santhosh Abraham invited me to attend. I am truly grateful for his friendship and testimony. The second day that I was on campus was to set up an information table to share with students in the SUB. I had a few nice conversations with students and other folks who had set up tables in the hall. I especially enjoyed catching up a bit with a couple that serve with the IMB, and organization that I also served with in the past.

Here are a few photos from those two days at UU.

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