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CME Partnership – May Update

#cefjacksontn – May has been a very busy month with the CME partnership that God has blessed us with! We have met in-person at Salem and St. Paul CME churches. We have given additional presentations to the pastors of these churches and some of their GNC team members. Please allow me to list a few particularly important items below to keep you up to date. Additionally, there is a small photo gallery under those points to help you walk with us virtually as we continue down this path.

  • We have been in contact with eight of the churches to establish lines of communication.
  • Thank you to the following pastors who we have met in-person, so far: Elder Dr. Claude Bass, Rev. Valerie Conley, and Rev. William Cole, Sr.
  • We are helping St. Paul  to get ready for their upcoming Good News Club startup. This will be at their church and they will invite children in the neighborhoods in their vicinity to participate.
  • We have participated in multiple Zoom video conference sessions to discuss the partnership plus other opportunities that have come to light.
  • Our chapter office is working with our home office in exploring a partnership with Lane College. We will discuss that further in subsequent posts.
  • We are currently talking with a few Lane College students about the possibility of their working with us this summer to minister in yet another collaboration between our chapter and MFUGE. This is also very important and exciting!

This short update gives you an idea of what is happening in our chapter right now with the CME partnership. God is allowing it to become multi-faceted and we are doing our best to connect all the dots, so to speak, with the opportunities that He is placing before us. Stay tuned! There will be much more to say in the weeks ahead.

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