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Last evening I was blessed to attend a gathering of believers at Union University here in Jackson, TN. The occasion was the second annual West Tennessee Evangelism Rally. Even though we were not “officially” presenting our CEF ministry, it was a good occasion to network with other people who also are interested in evangelistic ministry opportunities. Networking is important to a ministry, especially if you need volunteers to help make things run smoothly. That being said, I was able to have the evening meal (on campus) with two ladies who expressed interest in CEF. One is going to present an idea to her Sunday school class to possibly become a part of our “volunteer reserve” as I like to call them. You see, we occasionally need volunteers to assist in our office to help with mass mailings or organize children’s goodie bags, etc. People who volunteer in this way are a BIG help! Maybe you live in the area and would like to do this? Call our office or send us an email to get more information. We would love to tell you more!

The photos below are from different points in the event last evening at Union University. The “break-out” sessions were good and Dr. Steve Gaines did an outstanding job of challenging everyone to become more evangelistic.

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