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Sponsor Thank You – 2020 Auction +

#cefjacksontn – This is one way that we give thanks to the kind people and organizations who have already committed their support to help us make the 2020 CEF Live Auction a success. We were on the verge of pushing forward with it when COVID-19 reared its ugly head and effectively shut down our society. We had television and radio interviews set to go, but they cancelled them… at least for now. We were ready to send out additional email campaigns, but the last one we sent – however – was to let our subscribers know we had to postpone the event. 

We are truly grateful for our sponsors because they are gracious and agreed to give us grace while we rethink things and plan for a future fundraising event. We will certainly give them more kudos then, but for now, we ask that you tell them “thank you” for their support if and when you frequent one of their establishments. Below are their logos and each image links to their specific web page. 

The original auction event page can be found here if you want to see it. It will be updated or changed as we make decisions about a future fundraising event.

Our Wonderful Sponsors

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