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Honoring our Summer Ministry Team

#cefjacksontn – We recently had a wonderful evening of fun, food, fellowship, and recognition of the young people who assisted us with the CYIA summer ministry season of 2022. One of our local committee members, Steve Cooke hosted us at his home and we invited all of our committee members, their spouses, and the youth who worked with us this summer. One of these young people also had his parents present. We were grateful for everyone who came out to be with us. Our office administrator, Denise Jackson and her husband, Mickey, were with us too.

Steve grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and others supplied various side items. All the food was great. After we finished eating. Our director, Randy Nicholas, gave a brief update on some important events happening in the chapter and then recognized the team and all their contributions throughout the summer. We won’t re-tell the events and successes in this article. If you wish to see reports week-by-week or an overview by the director, click this link to see all the articles connected to this year’s summer ministry season: Summer Ministry Highlights with memory video.

Our chapter presented our summer intern, Jess Bogle, and the two young male volunteers, Caleb Santhosh and Elijah Rogers, with certificates of appreciation. The two guys also received Amazon gift cards as an extra bonus since they worked strictly as unpaid volunteers during the summer. We also recognized the contributions of two of our committee members who assisted this summer. Dinah Hufstedler did an awesome job with the team and worked with us for four weeks. Brent Varner, aka Professor Poppy, helped us with three party clubs during the summer. After all the recognitions were made, Brent wowed the cook-out group with some awesome Gospel illusions. You’ll see him in the photos below, along with various shots of people who attended and the summer team. It was a wonderful evening!

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