Christmas Party Clubs 1, 2, & 3

#cefjacksontn – God has blessed us with several opportunities to share CEF Christmas Party Clubs in various places over the last two weeks. This post will highlight the first three clubs. Through these special clubs, 79 children heard the Gospel story through the “God Keeps His Promises” party club pack. Our own Patti Hale led some of these as did Barbara Acred and Dinah Hufstedler. They both did a great job. Our young brother, Eli Rogers also helped and Cindy Bush worked with us too. We are truly grateful for their efforts and all the Gospel seeds that were planted in these young hearts. Lots of boys and girls were prayed with and led a few steps closer to faith in Christ.

The photos below also show some CEF “elves” who gathered together to help put together almost a hundred Christmas gift bags for some of the children we ministered to. Host churches supplied gift bags to other children – we did not leave anyone out! Linda Fulghum, (Dinah, Barbara, and Cindy) and Denise Jackson helped do this. To ALL the wonderful donors who supplied money to purchased the needed items, THANK YOU.

We worked at these locations to share the birth of the Christ-child with the students:

  • Humboldt Boys & Girls Club
  • Jackson Boys & Girls Club – East Unit
  • Jackson Boys & Girls Club – Isaac Lane Elementary School extension

Photo Gallery:

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