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Union Univ. Community Service Team 2022

#cefjacksontn – This week, we were richly blessed by a Union University “Campus and Community Day” team. They were led by a professor from the university, Dr. Mark Dubis. His team helped us do a lot around the office. They cleaned off some weeds and vines from the chain-link fence that runs parallel to our property, they fixed a leaky sink in the bathroom, cleaned the windows, cleaned up the brass on the entryway door, and even fixed a broken glass in the big window that flanks out conference room. The team, beside Dr. Mark, was made up of three young men and three young women. Our summer intern, Jess Bogle, was one of the ladies. 

The thing that hit me most about this group was their eagerness to help and the smiles that they all wore throughout the morning. I am a Union graduate myself and I appreciate the way the university engages the Jackson area each year with this special emphasis. Keep up the good work everyone! Here are a few photos:

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