2018 Ministry Banquet Memories

#cefjacksontn – This year’s banquet event was wonderful! God blessed us in many ways. Our speaker, Dr. Logan Hampton did an outstanding job in sharing the importance of “starting a miracle” in our area by reaching the children with the Gospel. I loved how he referred to the young boy’s faith when Jesus took his small loaves of bread and fishes and multiplied them mightily. Oh, that we would have the faith of a small child instead of weighing out our perception of God’s power through the lens of what we struggle against in the world that we are passing though. Dr. Hampton, thank you brother for your kind words and the energy that you brought to our event!

We were also blessed by the excellent playing of “welcome music” by Mark Brown and Kim Rodamaker. You two did wonderful! Later, my friends the Kindred Spirits blessed us tremendously with their worshipful music and singing. I must also (and gladly) thank the students from Augustine School who did such an outstanding job serving the guests of our event. You young men and ladies ROCK! Thanks goes out to Emily, Amy, and Lydia who are not at Augustine, but also helped serve of our guests. Northside Market from Milan did a great job with the meal again this year and to everyone who helped in other ways, thank you and God bless you!

To the good people who helped video tape the “Local Voices” testimony vignette, thank you! Jessica, Emily, Lydia, and Yolanda… that means you! Many thanks also goes out to our USA Ministries V.P. Ron Tant for taking time out of a busy schedule to record the special video welcome that was shown the night of the banquet.

I would be amiss here if I did not give proper thanks to our friends at West Jackson Baptist Church for allowing us to host this event in their Fellowship Hall. To all the staff, pastors, and administrators there… we love and appreciate you. Alan Teel, thank YOU for your encouragement and support.

Lastly, for everyone who gave financially to this event, God bless you and thank you! You are like the fuel that keeps our ministry motors running! Now, please check out the photo gallery below to catch a glimpse of what the evening was like. You “might” even see yourself there.

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