Party Club – St. Paul CME

#cefjacksontn – Yesterday, our Party Club team had a fun and meaningful time at St. Paul CME Church. We are grateful for the invitation extended by their Elder, Dr. Claude Bass and their club team leader, Mrs. Sherre McClain. Other team volunteers were present and a fine group of children too! St. Paul is preparing to start a Good News Club® at their church facility and our party club activity served as an encouragement to them and a way to show the children some of the main elements of what a club is like.

This was indeed a busy day for the church as another group was sitting in on some online CEF CYIA™ training that was led by CEF state director, Gary Atkins. Plans are for some of the participants of this training to come together and form a CYIA team to get a sampling of what this powerful ministry is all about, then the entire district may get involved next summer. How awesome would that be?

This was our second party club for the year and we already have a third event scheduled at Lane Chapel CME Church on July 4th. As always, we are thankful for Brent Varner coming with us and showing wonderful spiritual principles through Professor Poppy’s Gospel Illusion Show. Everyone enjoys his talents and fun illusions. Today was unique for another reason, two of our local CEF committee people were helping lead the event, PLUS my dear wife, Dawn. Brent Varner and Dinah Hufstedler are those committee members.

Below are a few photos from the event. Maybe we could help you provide a fun, Gospel filled event for your children’s ministry? Call us!

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