2018 CYIA – Part 2

#cefjacksontn – It is hard to believe that our summer ministry season has come to a close. Yet, we realize it is now time to begin looking ahead to our Good News Club® ministry season! We will discuss that in more detail in subsequent articles, but for the moment… let’s get back to CYIA™ and the end of the summer.

Our last few weeks were filled with blessings as we ministered to two preschools. Sharing Good News with the little ones is so much fun! We are thankful for our continued good relationship with the owners and staff at Weecare Preschool. Mrs. Nabors, you are wonderful. After working with the little ones, we journeyed to Connect Church in Milan to partner in presenting a VBS to their area. The 5-Day Club format is a perfect solution for churches who are starting up or simply want to change things up a little. CEF® handles the “official” Bible-centered program and the church provides snacks and a craft-time for the kids. More importantly, the church does follow-up with children who attend. Maybe next year your church would want to consider such an arrangement?

We specifically want to thank the pastors, owners, directors, and leadership of the following places for allowing us to partner with them this summer to share Good News with the children at their locations:

  • Weecare Preschools of Jackson, TN
  • Connect Church of Milan, TN

Here are a few photos from our 5-Day Clubs (last of summer)… click on a photo to see a larger size:

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