CEF State Meeting

Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to participate in a state wide CEF meeting in Murfreesboro. Walter Hill First Baptist Church was kind enough to allow us to use their facility to host the event. These types of gatherings are important – especially for new folks like me – in forming stronger relationships and sharing information that may positively impact the growth of CEF in Tennessee. The longer I am in the CEF family, the more I appreciate what our state leaders (Tony & Tracey James) are attempting to do. As I hear them share their hearts in meetings like this, I sense a sincere desire to see CEF grow and flourish in our fair state. Their enthusiasm serves to stoke my own vision for the future! 

Below are a few quick photos from the day and as I wrap this up, I want to say how much I enjoyed meeting the pastor of Walter Hill First Baptist Church. I quickly discovered that Shelby Smith is a MK (missionary’s kid) and that gave us an instant connection since we both have ties to the IMB (International Mission Board). Pastor Shelby, God bless you sir for your service and the gracious way your church is partnering with CEF of Tennessee.

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