Thank You Union University Students

Last week, a group of 12 Union University nursing students came to help us clear the fence that runs parallel to our office property. The fence was grown up with vines, weeds, and sapling trees. These fine people did an amazing job in removing these things and now you can see our office SO much better from the bypass. This effort was part of Union’s community service day where groups of students journey throughout the Jackson area helping people like us complete much needed tasks. As a nonprofit group, we need volunteer help like this to conserve money for the ministry that we are engaged in. Union does not ask for any money for this service, but we did feed them pizza! Nursing students like pizza just like the rest of us! God bless you all for sacrificing your time and comfort to come to our aid. We appreciate you more than you know.

Below are a few photos taken from the morning they helped us. It was a chilly and damp morning too, by the way.

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