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New Good News Club – Jackson

#cefjacksontn – We are so thankful to start a new Good News Club in a Jackson public school. This was the culmination of a few weeks or planning and preparation and collaborating with county school administrators. As you will see from the photos below, the first day was a kick-off party.

We provided a pizza party, some snacks, and something to drink. Professor Poppy (aka. Brent Varner) even joined us to provide a 30-minute Gospel Illusion Show! Naturally, we showed the children a preview of CEF lesson materials, videos, etc. It was a blast and the boys and girls were involved, engaged, and lively. We had an awesome team come together to lead the club. You will see their pictures below. The kick-off team was Bev Vos, Steve Vos, Cindy Bush, Gene Anthony, Brent Varner, and Dinah Hufstedler. Amy Reed will join us soon. Please pray for her as she is helping with difficult family matters right now.

Please pray that this group will grow in size over time and that we will be a blessing to them each and every week. Now, check out the photos below to see the team in action!

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