Summer 2022 – Week 1

#cefjacksontn – last week marked our first week of “traditional” summer ministry for the year. We are grateful and blessed to have many places to visit and share our 5-Day Clubs with children in Central West Tennessee. Week 1 was a lovely time as we ministered to between 55 and 60 children daily. We worked with them in four groups stretched over a full day. Our friends at Humboldt Boys and Girls Club allowed us to come in and present the “Turned Around” series to the children – PLUS – we will have an opportunity to go back to share a special party club with the entire group later in July.

I am grateful for the hard work that our first week team contributed to the effort to share the Gospel with the children there. Jess Bogle did an outstanding job teaching the Bible stories. She is serving with us as a summer intern this summer. One of our local committee member, Dinah Hufstedler helped out too, teaching various sessions on prayer. Our young brother Caleb S. taught memory verses and helped in other ways. I had the privilege of sharing the missionary story. We had many opportunities to share prayer and encouragement this week. It was a blessing! You will see a few photos below from different days.

We would like to thank the Boys and Girls Club board, director (Mrs. Gladys Robinson), and the staff for making us feel so welcome in their facility!

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