Thank You – Humboldt Coffee Shop

#cefjacksontn – We are VERY grateful for our friends at the Coffee Shop in Humboldt for the generous donation that we received this week. Guy & Tammy Causey are the owners and they have a unique ministry model. They receive customer tips at their coffee shop and each quarter, they divide them up and make donations to various local ministries and nonprofits. We were blessed to be listed with them for one quarter and their donation to us helped cover the major costs associated with our summer ministry program, CYIA™. Guy & Tammy, God bless you and thank you!!!

We highly recommend that you visit / patronize their establishment to show them you appreciate their support for CEF in West Tennessee. They have awesome food and coffee and often they have live music in the coffee shop, especially on the weekends. When you go in, tell them “thank you” for supporting CEF of Greater Jackson. In case you wonder about the connection with CEF and a business in Humboldt, we conduct our summer ministry program at the Humboldt Boys & Girls Club nearly every summer and we hope to be able to establish formal partnerships with elementary schools in Humboldt and Gibson County in the coming months. This year, we also partnered with a church in Fruitland (Humboldt address) and took part in the 1st annual Humboldt Resurrection Festival at Easter-time.

Here are links to our friend’s social media sites and a map link to their address:

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