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Year End Report – 2023

God is good… all the time! We are truly thankful for the wonderful ministry year that our Mighty God blessed us with in 2023. You may be reading this and know a few of these points already, but it will warm your heart to revisit them and give God thanks for His gracious favor. We also look into 2024 with anticipation, that He will continue blessing us, not so we can brag about “our” work, but to brag on Jesus and all that He is doing to reach the children of central West Tennessee – amen.

  • 53 children came to faith in Jesus last year. In simpler terms, they got saved!
  • 849 children heard the Gospel message through our chapter last year.
  • We worked in 5 counties: Madison, Chester, Gibson, Haywood, and Crockett.
  • We moved our physical location to the campus of Poplar Heights Baptist Church, saving us over $5000 per year as they became a new church partner.
  • We hired Marty King and Patti Hale as part-time ministry employees. Unfortunately, due to a serious illness, Marty is no longer with us. He is doing fairly well in his recovery, and we ask that you continue praying for him. Patti assumed additional hours and has done an outstanding job assisting me in “field work.”
  • We were able to hire Marty and Patti because two of our amazing business supporters agreed to fund these positions for two years in order to help us establish them financially. We will not name these people here in this space, but we are VERY grateful for what they are doing for us.
  • CEF of Tennessee signed a cooperative agreement to work, hand in hand, with the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (TBMB), to explore ways to work together to reach the children of the state with the Gospel.
  • We hosted our largest public fundraiser to date. It was known as “Faith and Family Night with Gov. Mike Huckabee.”
  • We completely redesigned our local website to better distribute information to our donors, followers, and the general public. Please give it a fresh look when you have time.

Naturally, we could tell you a lot more, sharing stories about boys and girls lives being changed, but for the purpose of this post, we will keep it brief. Thank you for your support. Your financial support and your prayers help us move forward and take more steps of faith as we journey into 2024. May our Heavenly Father richly bless you for your faithful support. God bless.

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