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Paris Appreciation Meal 2019

#cefjacksontn – God has truly blessed us with a wonderful group of volunteers in Henry County! I can tell you that they have been a personal blessing to me and the ministry of CEF in West Tennessee. We are not a ministry with “deep pockets,” but we always want to show appreciation to our volunteers whenever we can. So, last night my wife and I, along with some of our committee members went to Paris, TN to host an appreciation meal for them. We met at Tom’s Pizza & Steak House and shared a meal, some laughs, glory stories, and I gave recognition to them for their good work in the two schools they have GNCs in. They love the children they work with each week and it shows! 

I want to say “thank you” to the whole group (Lori, we missed you guys last night) and to the two team leaders… thank you for being willing to occupy those positions. Our team leaders are Jessica and Jan Mathis. Thanks also to my wife Dawn for being with us and to Steve & Bev Vos (committee members) for coming. Steve is our committee chairman, by the way. Well, the food and fellowship was great and Lord willing, we hope to have similar gatherings in other counties around West Tennessee in the months ahead. Below are a few photos of the two teams and some of their family members. Click on an image to see the whole picture.

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