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Meet Professor Poppy

#cefjacksontn – How do you share the Gospel? There are many ways to share the Good News, right? Recently, one of our local committee members started doing so through Gospel illusion. You know, it is kind of like a magic show except you use slight of hand to keep the attention of the children while you share the Good News with them. Professor Poppy, better known as Brent Varner, has really developed a wonderful group of illusions to engage the children of our Good News Clubs. On special days, he will come to a club and everyone has a great time! It is awesome!

Who knows what the future may hold for Professor Poppy! He has already blessed four of our clubs and is scheduled to visit three more. So, I challenge you to be like Brent and find new and exciting ways to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those living around you… especially the children. You can do it!

Here are a few photos from a club where Professor Poppy shared with two different groups of children.

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