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2019 UU Campus & Community Day

#cefjacksontn – This year, we were blessed again to have a team come from Union University to give back to us in a very tangible way. Union has a special day each year designed to encourage their students, staff, and faculty to give back to the community as a special remembrance of God’s goodness. The following statement is found on their website:

This is a time when faculty, staff, and students join together to give thanks to God for His protection over our campus during the 2002, 2003, and 2008 tornadoes.<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="http://uu.edu/events/dayofremembrance/" target="_blank">UU Website</a></span>

We are so grateful for the time they spent with us and the work they accomplished. This fine group of people, led by Dr Jason Garrett, helped us clean off the fence-line that parallels our location, do various maintenance jobs, and assisted in inventorying a multitude of ministry materials. After their work was finished, we provided a light lunch and spent a bit of time fellowshipping and talking about the ministry of CEF. We are truly thankful for our relationship with Union University and those who study, serve, and live there. God bless you all. 

Here are a few photos taken during their time with us.

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