Woodland Baptist – Missions Week 2019

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#cefjacksontn – I am thankful for opportunities to join in with area churches when they place an emphasis on missions and outreach. Over the last few days, I have been blessed to take part in various ways at the Woodland Baptist Church “Missions Emphasis Week.” Our friends there are very connected to ministries both local and abroad. I was asked to setup a ministry table, speak about CEF last Sunday night, and then come back last night to share my missions story with the Awana children at their church. I was also able to talk with two groups of children and explain the message of salvation through the use of the Wordless Book. 

I am very grateful for my personal connection to this great church and for all opportunities to share the Gospel with children and adults alike. God bless you my friends!

Randy Nicholas
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Executive Director

Randy is the Executive Director for CEF Greater Jackson in West Tennessee. He is also the site administrator, former International missionary to Eastern Europe, and dedicated family man.