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A NEW Chapter Begins!

#cefjacksontn – We are thankful that our God is still growing and blessing CEF in West Tennessee! On Monday night, we christened a brand new chapter, CEF of Northwest TN. They are based in Paris, in Henry County. This new work started as a part of our chapter and when the time was right, we all knew that it was time for them to split-off and form a new chapter. Of course, there is more to the story, so keep reading.

Let’s start by recognizing Jessica Mathis. She is the person who connected with me over three years ago to inquire about starting a Good News Club in Henry County. This dear sister has stayed the course and has faithfully served as a volunteer coordinator all this time. Under her leadership, they gained entrance into three county elementary schools. Jessica in now on the path to become their Local Director. Let me also point out that there have been many volunteers that have served in these clubs. Along with that fact, multiple churches have supported the work. So, it really has been a collaborative effort by lots of wonderful people.

I also want to give a shout-out to Elizabeth Richardson too. She was one of the original people to work in the clubs up there and ultimately, she became a part of our local ministry committee, making long drives to attend meetings here in Jackson. She will now be one of the original members of the new chapter’s committee. The people in the photo above form the new local ministry committee who are tasked to help lead the work in that area. We are blessed to have people from three local churches serving on the committee and they are staff members in their respective churches. I won’t get into naming names right now, but you will be hearing more about all of them in the future.

On a personal note from me to everyone who has served in the ministry in Henry County, God bless you and thank you for loving the children up there so much that you are willing to introduce them to the Lord Jesus through the ministry of CEF. We love you all in Christ!

Here are a few photos taken from the first meeting. The first photo is of Jeff Nichols and Jessica Mathis. Jeff is our state director.

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