State Leadership – the James’


I have written a few articles and referred to our state leadership, but I have never written about them specifically. I feel it is appropriate to do so now, especially since I have been with them in different settings over the last few months. Tony and Tracey James came to us from Florida, where Tony served as a Director and Tracey taught Clubs and served in other ways. Like myself, they are relatively new to CEF of Tennessee. Tony is our State Ministry Coordinator and Tracey is our State Training Director.

Tony and Tracey have a sincere passion to reach children with the Gospel and cast a new vision for our state to multiply Chapters and clubs. Doing this will greatly impact the number of children who hear and receive the Gospel. Let me assure you that I am not simply trying to “butter up” my boss, so to speak. I decided to write this article after attending a meeting yesterday in our state office in Murfreesboro. About once a quarter, all of the state Directors and Ministry Coordinators gather to fellowship and discuss the future of the ministry. Tony and Tracey always come across as positive and exude an air of expectation for what God will do in our state for His glory, not theirs. I respect and appreciate that and I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.

Love you two! Thanks for all you are doing in our fair state!

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