Striving for Glory

#cefjacksontn – Isn’t it a balancing act? On one hand, most of us in the Western World have been taught that to be successful, you must work hard and run over anyone that stands between you and the “top” of your chosen profession. This ideology persists: “the ends justify the means.” Sure, if you have to craftily push your colleagues aside or use mental slight-of-hand, that’s just the way it is… right? Unfortunately, this kind of behavior sometimes manifests itself in the world of believers too. Yet, scripture tells us in James 4:6 that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Ok, on the other hand, certainly God does not wish us to be “side-line-sitters” or “do-nothings” …right??? No, I do not think so. After all, how many times have you heard the reference to Ecclesiastes 9:10 touted from the pulpit? So, how can we possibly come to grips with doing things with all our might while simultaneously keeping our prideful flesh in check? Oh my… that is the question, isn’t it… “Whose glory is it anyway?” The most obvious Sunday school answer is… to God be the glory! Oh yes, it is easy to shout out when the crowded congregation is in a celebratory mood. Yet, do we “really” feel that way in the hidden recesses of our hearts? 

So… this little article is not designed to condemn anyone, rather, I hope it will challenge you to be introspective and examine the motives that drive you as you seek to glorify the God who already knows what and why you do what you do. Think about it. Oh, this is a gut check for me too

NOTE: these “Director’s Blog” articles consist of personal commentary, observations, and pontification about life. They do not necessarily reflect the official position of CEF on any topic. If you enjoy my writings, feel free to drop me a line and tell me… or share your thoughts about them. Thanks!

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