Pastor’s Luncheon #1

#cefjacksontn – Today, we started a new thing for our office and it is honestly overdue. This is not because we are unconcerned, just overwhelmed at times with all of the things we “need” to do to advance CEF in West Tennessee. With that confession made, I want to highlight what this new thing is. We have started a quarterly pastor’s luncheon. We will invite small groups of pastors to join us for a light lunch and time to share more about the ministry of CEF both internationally and locally. If you are a local pastor and would like to find out about these gatherings, please call our office or email us.

Our first group of men are in the photo above. We had three pastors join us and one that had to cancel due to illness with his daughter. We had two of our ministry committee members join us too. Thanks to Andy King, interim pastor from Fruitland in Gibson County. Also, thanks to Willie Miles and Mathew Tate who both pastor in Jackson. This was a good meeting, where we shared lots of information and encouragement as all of us desire to be better witnesses for the sake of the Gospel. May the Heavenly Father bless these meetings and help us all work together for His name’s sake… amen.

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