3 Churches & CPJ!

Last night we had a wonderful time at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Jackson, TN! This congregation, along with Oakfield Baptist Church and Grace Presbyterian Church, hosted a “Birthday Party for Jesus.” This was a unique collaborative effort that demonstrates how churches can come together to minister to the community. CEF partnered with them to invite children (and their parents) from an area elementary school to share in a fun but meaningful night.

The evening featured a large birthday cake dedicated to the birth of baby Jesus, songs to highlight the Good News of Jesus birth, extremely fun games, and crafts. Mrs. Diana Manning presented the Bible lesson that also highlighted the miraculous birth of our Lord. Great job Diana! At the end of the evening, all the children received a gift bag filled with various fun activities and candy.

We had about 45 adults and 40 children for the event. It would be difficult to name names, so to speak, but we are very thankful for every volunteer and helper who sacrificed their time to put this all together. We do want to specifically mention the pastors of the three churches though… Pastor Steven Wright (Covenant PC), Pastor Mickey Jackson (Oakfield BC), and Pastor Brent Sadler (Grace PC). God bless you all and thank you for supporting this event and CEF in general.

Lastly, a resounding “thank you” goes out to all the parents of the children that we minister to at the school. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to bring your children to our party and allow us to minister to them throughout the school year. We love your children!

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