Merry Christmas to B&GC – GNC

#cefjacksontn  –  Merry Christmas to the Good News Club that meets at one of our elementary schools in conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs. I want to give a special shout-out to Mrs. Yolanda and all of her helpers that graciously assist us with the children in the club. The photo above shows Mrs. Cindy who is an awesome GNC teacher and serves as a faithful volunteer. This day, we had a “Christmas” themed Bible lesson and I even had the opportunity to sing some traditional Christmas hymn verses to the children. I think they liked it! Mrs. Cindy did an excellent job teaching a timely Bible story, and we ended by giving Christmas gift bags to the children.

You may notice that a few of the children have their faces blurred in the photo. This is because we have a policy that we cannot display the “face” of a child without prior written permission. We can, however, show photos that do not display the faces of children (from the back). Merry Christmas children! We love you in Christ!

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