A Banquet Thank You!

#cefjacksontn – Just a week ago, you blessed us with a successful fundraising banquet. Your presence and donations were gifts to us in grace filled ways. We simply want to thank each and every person who helped make the banquet … Read More

State Leadership – the James’

#cefjacksontn I have written a few articles and referred to our state leadership, but I have never written about them specifically. I feel it is appropriate to do so now, especially since I have been with them in different settings … Read More

CEF State Meeting

Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to participate in a state wide CEF meeting in Murfreesboro. Walter Hill First Baptist Church was kind enough to allow us to use their facility to host the event. These types of gatherings are … Read More

TCE-1 Wraps up!

Yesterday, our Chapter finished a series of four Saturday training sessions called TCE Level 1. “Teaching Children Effectively” is a extremely valuable training program used by CEF to help prepare men and women to reach children for Christ. The course … Read More

Reach The Children Benefit Banquet

Last evening… myself, along with Lou and Diana Manning, took a trip to Nashville to take part in the 1st Annual “Reach The Children Benefit Banquet.” This fund-raising event was developed and presented by our state office personnel to help … Read More

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