Mable Ruth Wray, 67 Years CEF Strong

#cefjacksontn – Today, I was blessed to meet a lovely lady who has a long long history with CEF… 67 years! Mable Ruth Wray came by our local office to meet me and see our office, Her nephew brought her because she was excited to connect with our local work. During these troubling days of Covid-19, it was refreshing to visit with this 96 year old Gospel warrior who has done so much through the ministry of CEF not only in the states but abroad as well.

This is where it gets even more interesting. She spent a lot of years in Pennsylvania, working with CEF in various capacities, but she was born in Bradford, TN. We even know some of the same people from Bradford… my friends, the Denning’s being one family. Not too long ago she moved back in this area to be closer to loved ones and in fact, she lives only about two miles from our office.

We had a wonderful time visiting and she told me so many things about her years in the ministry of CEF. She still carries a small Wordless Book in her pocketbook so that she will be ready to share the Gospel with anyone who presents an opportunity for her to do so. One statement that she made to me really touched my heart. She said that she so looked forward to meeting our founder, Jesse Irvin Overholtzer, in heaven some day so that she could tell him how much CEF has blessed her life. 

I must confess that hearing this dear saint’s stories and how she honestly expressed her love for the Lord Jesus and her gratitude for the opportunity to serve him through CEF… well, it made me just a little ashamed of myself for the way I have allowed our current Covid-19 circumstances get me down. Her quiet voice reminded me that we serve a glorious and BIG God who has a plan for us still to reach the children through the simple Gospel message. It was a blessing to meet this dear lady and I pray that we will have many more opportunities to talk about God’s goodness in the days ahead…. amen.

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