CYIA™ – Just for Youth?

Our summer Ministry Christan Youth in Action™ is focused on supporting teens to be summer missionaries by giving them tools to teach boys and girls in their community the Good News of the Gospel.  We have been blessed to watch our two volunteers Gabe and Autumn flourish as they have shared the Good News with almost two hundred children this CYIA™ season, and they are just getting started!   

The success of this ministry would not be possible without the help and support of our staff and adult volunteers who play a vital role in supporting our youth leaders. We are beyond thankful to these individuals for encouraging our youth and showing a willingness to step up and lead when we have more 5-Day Clubs® than youth leaders. We have been fortunate to have several individuals lovingly and willingly give much of their time this summer.   

To start off the summer Steve and Bev Vos opened their home to our summer intern Gabe; it is essential for our interns to have a safe, comfortable, and welcoming home throughout their summer so they can focus on their missionary work.  (Not Pictured)

Brent Varner, AKA Professor Poppy has joined us for party club events. He is always a powerful presence as he captivates the children with sleight-of-hand illusions emphasizing the power and love in the Gospel. Mr. Varner currently serves as our local committee chairman.  (Pictured above)

Dinah Hufstedler has been a constant presence in the day-to-day club activities all summer and has blessed the children by leading a “Prayer Teaching” segment most days. It is a blessing to see her love for our youth and teaching boys and girls about Jesus and his love for them. (Header Picture)

Last but not least Barbra Acred, Brother Bill Laarz, and Ginny Laarz stepped in and led some 5-day club sessions with one of our ministry partners when we did not have enough youth to lead all our clubs for the week. Barbra, Brother Laarz, and Ginny also volunteer throughout the school year by leading Good News Clubs® they may not be teens, but they are young and heart and have a passion for teaching children about Jesus. ( Group Not Pictured)   

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