2018 CYIA – Part 1

#cefjacksontn – This summer we are blessed to have Miss Emily Ann Metcalf serving as our summer missionary. Emily is a student at Union University and has worked as a volunteer with CEF in various capacities for a few years now. This year, she is taking the primary role in teaching / leading all of our 5-Day Clubs here in Greater Jackson. She is doing an outstanding job and always shows up with a smile on her face. We are also grateful for our friend, Lydia, who has helped us a few days during the summer. She does a wonderful job too and has served as a volunteer for three years now. We love her and her family. So far, this summer we have ministered to groups of children (and teens) in Humboldt, Brownsville, and Jackson. You can see a few photos below to get an idea of what it looks like to minister in a 5-Day Club® setting.

CYIA is designed to allow youth (teens & early college age) step up and lead in our ministry activities. They do the majority of the teaching and counseling. Adults assist as needed. Our Club sessions this year have included groups with as many as 40 children! Oh my! We have had a blast sharing Christ with the children! Some groups are smaller, of course, but we average ministering to around 75 kids a day. As of this writing, six children have accepted Jesus as Savior and dozens have been counseled / prayed with for other reasons. It is a blessing to hear their young voices ask spiritual questions and request prayer for their families or for various other life issues.

We specifically want to thank the directors and leadership of the following places for allowing us to partner with them this summer to share Good News with the children at their locations:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Humboldt, TN
  • Boys & Girls Club of Brownsville, TN
  • New St. Luke MB Church in Jackson, TN
  • Boys & Girls Club at Lincoln Courts in Jackson, TN

We will follow up with a second article to tell about the rest of our summer ministry and locations we serve in a couple of weeks. Now, here are a few photos from our 5-Day Clubs (so far)… click on a photo to see a larger size:

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