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Faith & Family – Gov. Mike Huckabee

Just a few short weeks ago, we presented our 2023 Faith and Family Night, featuring Gov. Mike Huckabee as our guest speaker. This was an awesome night and if you joined us for the evening, allow me to say thank you for your time and generosity. If Gov. Huckabee ever happens to read this little blog post; I’d like to personally say… “Thank You” for your kind heart and how you worked with us so well to make the evening a success. I have been around a few popular people in my time and most are not as gracious as Gov. Huckabee.

I will post some photos below to give you a little taste of what the evening was like. I might even post a video of our musical entertainment for the evening. The Kindred Spirits are personal friends and did an outstanding job too. Dale, Cristi, and Danny… “Thank you” for helping me with the event. Also, I certainly want to thank our partner and host church, West Jackson Baptist Church, for once again allowing us to use their beautiful facilities for Faith and Family Night.

“Thank you” … Jerry and Becky Drace for helping make this possible. You are true friends in the ministry and Becky, you did a wonderful job helping with your part of the program. Matt Marshall, I sincerely appreciate your help at the event too. You had an integral role in the program and you did a great job. To all our CEF leaders and committee people who assisted, you are the bedrock of the ministry and I am grateful for each one of you. Additionally, to our event volunteers who worked in the lobby and green room… “God bless you and thank you!”

Lastly, to our generous event sponsors… “Thank you VERY much.” Without you, this could not have happened. Your gifts and encouragement will help lead many more children to the Lord Jesus in central West Tennessee and beyond. Please see the first image in the photo gallery below to identify the logos of our public sponsors. There were a few private sponsors as well and be assured, we love and appreciate you too.

Photo Gallery

Event Music

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