CEF & 80 Wonderful Years

#cefjacksontn – Yes, CEF celebrates it’s 80th birthday this year! That is truly amazing. The Jackson Chapter wants to officially recognize how grateful we are to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Imagine the reality that if YOU … Read More

State Leadership – the James’

#cefjacksontn I have written a few articles and referred to our state leadership, but I have never written about them specifically. I feel it is appropriate to do so now, especially since I have been with them in different settings … Read More

God of the New Year

#cefjacksontn – Yes indeed, the Lord has allowed us to wake-up in a brand new year. Will the year be filled with challenges or victories or a mixture of both? Shall we focus on the past or the future? Do … Read More

Sharing the Christmas Story

#cefjacksontn – What is the Christmas story? How many children today even have an opportunity to hear about the miraculous birth of the Christ Child? More specifically, what is Christmas to you? These questions may seem like simple ones, but … Read More

Unity Baptist Church

#cefjacksontn – I was blessed this morning to visit with a group of men who meet in the Oakfield community at Unity Baptist Church. Some of the men are members of the church, others are like-minded brothers in the Lord … Read More

Christmas Time is Coming!

This is the time of year when people seem to focus more upon the act of giving. We gather lists, toys, candy, and wrapping paper. We smile and enjoy the process of preparing gifts for the children of the communities … Read More

Childlike Faith

We can learn a lot from children. Consider this…  As adults, we often become so entangled by the world that we lose touch with simple, childlike faith. This applies to people within and without the church. As we get older, we … Read More

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