Thank You EBC Small Group

#cefjacksontn – This morning, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit with my old Sunday school class at Englewood Baptist Church. Dawn and I were invited to share about the ministry of CEF and we enjoyed doing that and reuniting with old friends (and new ones). The class is the “Cooke – Mercker Small Group” and they were a BIG blessing to us today! At the conclusion of the meeting, they presented CEF of Greater Jackson with a donation of $904. That is an awesome gift to help us grow the ministry of CEF in our region. God bless you all and I pray the Lord will return your generosity many times over.

PS: to the two ladies in the class who discussed possible ministry in Hardeman County, let’s see where the Lord will take it… together! Also, in the photo above, Bobby and Angie Crawley were selected by the class to help present the “big check.” You guys are awesome!

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