God bless you and thank you very very much for your donation! Your generous gift will help us reach more children for the cause of Christ and expand our ministry vision throughout Jackson and into other counties in West Tennessee. If you would also pray for us as the Lord brings us to mind, we would be eternally grateful. We know that true spiritual power comes through prayer.

Donation Confirmation / Receipt Info

Remember, when we receive confirmation of your donation, we will send you an official tax receipt via regular mail. We will do this in a timely manner, but if you made an “offline mail-in donation,” we will need to receive your check or money order before we can process it. If you have any questions at all about any of this, call our office at 731-736-2786. Below is a synopsis of your donation.

Thank You Gift

Here are a couple of downloads for you “if” you want them. The first one is an attractive computer screen saver which shows a series of children with scripture verses on each slide. This screen saver should work nicely on any modern Windows based computer. We hope it will help you remember to pray for us occasionally. Now, some of you may use Apple computers and for you we have a Zip file with some wallpaper files to download. Sorry, we cannot produce a Mac version of the screen saver.