Below are some testimonials from various people who are friends of CEF in the Greater Jackson area and beyond. We sincerely appreciate their friendship and support for our ministry.

Mayor Jerry Gist

Anything we can do to inspire children, to get them the word of the Gospel… and then to bring them, to encourage them with everything that we do with CEF… is a great benefit, not only to society but to the children of our city. (City of Jackson)

Mayor Jerry Gist - Jackson, TN

Pastor Steven Wright

Teaming up with CEF has provided a great opportunity for our congregation to live out our mission by sharing the gospel with children in our community. As our members help to lead Good News Clubs and as we host an occasional CEF event at our church building, we know that we are engaged in vital Kingdom service. I’d encourage every church to get involved in this strategic ministry of gospel outreach. (Covenant Presbyterian Church)

Pastor Steven Wright - Jackson, TN

Executive Director Sabrina Anderson

CEF has had a wonderful partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Jackson for many years. This partnership provides youth with a Christian foundation of moral character in a fun way. Our parents and youth elect to participate in the program. We want to continue to fulfill our mission of enabling all young people, who need us most to realize their full potential as productive, caring responsible citizens. (Boys & Girls Club of Jackson)

Executive Director Sabrina Anderson - Jackson, TN

Captain Phillip Kemper

Broken homes, violence, drugs, and gangs try to rob our society of one of our most precious resources, our kids. The world tells many of our children that they are in hopeless situations and that their circumstances must dictate their future. The dedicated individuals of CEF literally fight a spiritual battle for the kids in our area. The people of CEF work hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus by positively impacting our kids and by teaching them about faith, hope, and love. As a police officer, I regularly deal with kids and tragedy. I am THANKFUL for those willing to answer the call to support and serve through CEF. (Jackson Police Dept.)

Captain Phillip Kemper - Jackson, TN

Dr. Logan Hampton
[speaking about 5-Day Clubs®] – At the end of the week, we had a number of children who accepted Christ and were baptized. We had a youth group that was excited and we had Christian workers who were excited about about what had taken place… and the church got excited about it! CLICK HERE to see his full video testimony. (President of Lane College, Jackson, TN)

Dr. Logan Hampton - Jackson, TN